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Indianapolis, Indiana
Exploring the Past and Present With Children
Ryan White's bedroom, donated to the museum by his mother, is part of *The Power of Children* exhibition.  Image courtesy of the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

Ryan White’s bedroom, donated to the museum by his mother, is part of The Power of Children exhibition. Image courtesy of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

One of the premier children’s museums in the world, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis brings powerful humanities, arts, and science learning experiences to 1.2 million visitors per year. With an NEH grant, the museum opened in 2007 what has since become one of its most highly-regarded permanent exhibitions: The Power of Children. The exhibition tells the story of three twentieth-century children who shaped the world while exploring the cultural conflicts that shaped their lives. Designed to appeal to families and a wide range of ages, The Power of Children makes use of three-dimensional installations and live theatrical performances. Visitors explore Anne Frank’s annex and learn about the Holocaust; they sit at Ruby Bridges’s desk and consider the Civil Rights Era; they visit Ryan White’s bedroom and come to understand the HIV crisis.

Though we were concerned about tackling tough topics, the positive response to The Power of Children gave us the confidence to tackle other difficult subjects.

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