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Gallup, New Mexico
Making New Deal Art Accessible
The mural *Allegory*, by Lloyd Moylan, is part of Gallup's New Deal Art Collection. Photo courtesy gallupARTS

The mural Allegory, by Lloyd Moylan, is part of Gallup’s New Deal Art Collection. Photo courtesy gallupARTS

As a New Deal Federal Art Center, Gallup, New Mexico is home to over 150 New Deal art objects ranging from paintings and murals to furniture and architecture. Currently, many of the artworks are uncatalogued and are housed in five separate venues around the city. They are largely inaccessible to the public and disjointed as a collection. With NEH support, gallupARTS, the region’s arts council, has researched and catalogued the collection, and developed a prototype for a centralized website that archives and showcases it.

“A lot of important issues we think about today are represented in the collection—issues of representation, inclusion, whose history gets told. Art creates a space to have a dialogue.”

–Rose Eason, project director

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