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Denver, Colorado
Researching the Impact of War on Colorado Communities

An NEH grant helped anthropologists Sarah Hautzinger and Jean Scandlyn greatly expand the scope and reach of their research on the impact of war on Colorado communities. Building on five years of research with a battalion that saw heavy combat in Iraq, Hautzinger and Scandlyn invited civilians to join veterans in Sharing War Circles hosted by four colleges and universities in the Pikes Peak region and a local congregation. They published Beyond Post-Traumatic Stress: Homefront Struggles With the Wars on Terror, which advocates complementing evidence-based treatment of individual veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with community-based programs that bring civilians and veterans together to help soldiers reintegrate into their communities and heal the wounds of war collectively. They have shared their research widely through multiple courses, Veterans Day events, public talks, scholarly presentations, and popular and academic publications.

“We called our dialogues ‘Sharing War,’ because we [came to believe] that civilians should not just be receptors… We really tried to [facilitate] a lot of face-to-face interaction… to remind people that this is all of ours. We have to all step into this and own it…both the healing… and the costs of war.”

–Sarah Hautzinger, Professor, Colorado College

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