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The NEH Supports Veterans

The National Endowment for the Humanities celebrates and supports American veterans in communities across the United States, helping them build successful lives in and outside of the military. Through its Standing Together initiative, the NEH encourages projects throughout its divisions that honor and seek to understand veterans’ lived experiences.

The NEH supports veteran-led discussion groups in communities across the country. Through the NEH’s Dialogues on the Experience of War program, local organizations host year-long discussion programs that equip veterans to reflect on their experiences. The NEH’s Literature and Medicine program, a partnership with Maine Humanities, improves patient care by facilitating literary discussions among VA staff: a formal evaluation has demonstrated medium-to-great increases in empathy for patients (79%), cultural awareness (67%), and interpersonal skills (64%) among staff participants.

The NEH helps veterans become successful college students. The NEH’s early and continued support of the Warrior-Scholar Project helped the organization grow and serve more veterans. Today, the Warrior-Scholar Project helps veterans from across the nation transition from the military to college through intensive academic boot camps. Forty-two percent of veterans who complete the program end up enrolling in a U.S. News and World Report top 20 school, compared to only 1% of all veterans nationwide.

The NEH honors veterans’ life experiences by ensuring that their histories are collected and preserved. Whether funding organizations that digitize veterans’ letters and preserve treasured artifacts or those that collect and archive veterans oral histories, the NEH ensures that their life stories and contributions to our nation are handed down to future generations.

The NEH funds local programs for veterans throughout the United States. Across every division, the NEH funds initiatives that local individuals and organizations have designed specifically for veterans in their communities, ensuring that veterans’ unique needs are being met. Download as a printable PDF.

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